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Accolade & Acrimony

You were right on target. I used to be an Amway distributor, and in fact worked for my upline Diamond for nearly five years before the deceptions and fraud became too obvious for even this dedicated fool to overlook. What opened my eyes? A combination of things. As part of my job, I attended several “country openings.” At the first one I attended, I have vivid recollections of the person who was then head of Dexter Yager’s international development commenting to me, “my mandate here is to sell tools.” That was when the penny dropped and I finally realised that the priority of the “big pins” was not building an Amway distributorship — it was using Amway as a recruiting front for their motivational tools business. In the country of Colombia, which I’m sure you know is very impoverished, people were taking out bank loans to buy their Amway Business Kit. In the past five years, Amway has opened in many impoverished countries: Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Uruguay; Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary; and of course, China and now India. North American diamonds brag on audio tapes about the “dedication” of recruits in these countries. One tape I listened to not long ago talked about a Honduran who rode on horseback from the mountains for 75 miles, and then in the back of a pickup truck for another 50 miles, to come into town for an “Introductory Seminar.” Now, I ask you, what realistic hope does someone who lives that remotely, have of building a successful business? The diamond I worked for in 1996, the last year for which I have complete information, derived only 4% (yes, you read that right, FOUR PERCENT) of his income from Amway itself. In a recent three-part article in the Baton Rouge, LA “Advocate,” a diamond claimed his income from tools barely covered his secretary’s salary. Well, if that’s true, he must have applicants lined up for miles for that million$ -plus annual salary!!!! Amway distributorships are slipping in North America, down in the last two years from over 1 million to only 700,000. Hence their eagerness to expand into new countries. The diamonds don’t care at all about helping people in other countries become successful Amway distributors. They just want lots of recruits who sign up for Standing Order Tape. In my opinion, as someone who knows the business from the inside, India would be better served if they followed China’s lead and booted MLM out of the country. It is indeed a social evil, causing people to prey on others for financial gain, and causing tremendous rifts among families and friends as distributors manipulate their personal relationships for personal gain.
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