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The Amway Aftermath

A few days ago, Noor Hussain Sait of Variety Book Stall told me that one Amway distributor had told him that I ‘hid’ the fact that people can get their money back from Amway.
I wasn’t hiding it. I did not mention it because I thought that all prospects were informed about this.
I now find out that this is one valuable piece of information that several people, who had paid Rs. 4,200 to Amway, were not told or did not understand clearly.
One lady, a beautician, said her sponsor had not told her this and she was livid. Two others lamented that their 90-day time limit had passed. (Many people also asked why I had not written the piece two months ago.)
To set the record straight, I now give readers the information that they can get their money back from Amway.

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