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Amway and Quixtar scam- Part 1

Amway and Quixtar scam are both part of the Alticor family of companies. Amway Corporation was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel In 1999 Quixtar, Amway and Quixtar scam are officially termed multilevel marketing businesses which in truth are no more then legal pyramid schemes .

The Amway and Quixtar Scam primarily deals with, Artistry Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, Nutrilite Vitamins and Food Supplements, the eSpring Water Purifying System, and the SA8 Laundry System products

Feeding off the American dream of getting rich quick and easy the basic formula for the Quixtar scam is simple.

First, there is the "Company", which has a product or array of products. Second, there are the independent distributors who (a) sell the Company product and (b) recruit new distributors who do the same, ad infinitum if possible.

The reason distributors don't just sell the Company product is that they receive "bonuses" for sales made by their recruits. Theoretically, the richest independent distributor would have dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of subordinate distributors who would be doing the actual selling, while the Big One did little or no selling of the Company product at all.

That is, the emphasis of MLM schemes and the Quixtar Scam. It is not selling the Company product but selling the Company itself.

It is possible to succeed as an independent distributor but more than likely you will end up alienating some family and friends. You will probably end up buying more stuff than you sell. And you will learn a lot about deceiving yourself and others.

Some of the more Interesting rules enforced by the Amway and Quixtar scam are below.

The Direct Distributor or the sponsoring distributor will buy back any unused marketable products from a distributor whose inventory is not moving or who wishes to leave the business. Amway enforces the buy­back rule.

To ensure that distributors do not attempt to secure the performance bonus solely on the basis of purchases, Amway requires that, to receive a performance bonus, distributors must resell at least 70% of the products they have purchased each month.

The “ten­customer rule” provides that distributors may not receive a performance bonus unless they prove a sale to each of ten different retail customers during each month.

Amway & Quixtar fast facts:

According to Quixtar scam's own disclosure document the average monthly gross income for an "active" IBO is $115 (or $1,380 annually).

In the Amway scam business, only 41% meet these criteria as being "active." This also means that 59% of all distributors are NOT active.A with a business where over half of all the people aren't doing anything to increase their business?

Out of ALL distributors, only 0.82% qualifies as a Direct-level distributor. This means that 99.18% of all distributors do not qualify as a Direct-level distributor.A company where 99.18% are unsuccessful.

If you are earning 70$ per month you are in the top 11% of earners at Amway & Quixtar scam.


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