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GoldQuest / Questnet

I was made to write this post as I was approached by at least ten people last month alone for joining this “GoldQuest” or “Questnet” or “Referral Marketing” or whatever it is.

Heard about this “Gold quest” from a not so familiar friend three months before and first thing I did was to search in web about that company. I have listed out some points which stopped me from investing in this. I invested in a mutual fund rather.

1) Google search for “Questnet” throws an alarming number of sites that cautions against this company.

2) Modify the search with “Questnet Scam” and it fetches many more pages which cries foul against Questnet.

3) There are quite a large number of people who support “Questnet” in forums and blog posts but I am highly suspicious on the legitimacy of those people under different names as they sound so similar in their writings. I suspect that only a few people posts replies under different names in forums and blogs which attacks “Questnet”. It certainly raises suspicions.

4) The group’s MD and his associate have been issued a red alert notice by Interpol and have been arrested by Indonesian police.

5) It’s banned in some countries like Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc… GoldQuest officials have been arrested in Chennai too in past. Search “Questnet” or “Goldquest” with “The Hindu” in Google for more details.

6) Moreover, I decided to dig details about their website and the result was shocking. They boast of that they use Internet as their business tool in this connected world and yet they have registered their domain as a discreet user!!!!



1) Personally, Questnet don’t have a solid business model at all as it doesn’t rely on its products but on concentrating on the quick money people will get.

2) I’m very grateful to those friends who understood my stand and never compelled or even asked me to join this.

Disclaimer:- These are all my personal views and it’s not meant to disgrace any person or a company and also I don’t guarantee that all information I mentioned or read are factual neither it’s endorsed or supported by my employer or any organization.


  1. Kirtesh said...

    After getting disappointment from all my efforts I am here to seek your help .
    I joined the so called QuestNET Business 6 months back .
    The business is based on MultiLevel marketing in which they sell their product which are said to be German made Mayer's Mint Gold Coin.
    I ordered these coins and paid Rs.29,900 . They claimed to deliver the coins in 2 months time frame.
    But they haven't delivered till date.
    There is no option of cancelling order on their website which is the unique feature I saw in a shopping site.

    I called their call centre many a times but they ask me to wait for some time and are not giving any concrete reply.
    They are not cooperating after taking money from me.

    I request you to bring up my case to them and get my money refunded.

    I want to file a case againt them for the mental harassment I went thorough. Please let me know how I can do it.

    I am attaching below the details of my membership and the purchase order.

    Membership ID Number: NF228058

    Order No: DN06765879
    Receipt No: RC02544086

    Address of Questnet office in Chennai and the toll free number.

    QuestNet Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. "The Rain Tree Place" ,9th & 10th Floor, B-Wing

    #7 McNichols Road,Chetpet, Chennai 600031

    TollFree No. 18004251116

    Web address. www.questnet-india.com

    Name of Business Development Head : Hari Prabhakar.

  2. Devang Patel said...

    I have been part of QuestNet MLM business for 2 years now, and let me tell you about the people that are unhappy with the business. These people either do not understand the business model before entering the business or do not work hard enough and fail to achieve success. I myself have earned good profits from this business and that to without misguiding anyone.

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