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Lokayukta 24X7 helpline

Lokayukta has started a 24X7 helpline and a website for redressal of public grievances. It will also enable them to participate in fighting corruption.

Inaugurating the facilities on Tuesday, Governor Rameshwar Thakur said the initiatives of the Lokayukta will go long way in making the anti-corruption wing more citizen-friendly.

Not only help for accident victims, the helpline will offer several other services. For example, if a police inspector refuses to register a complaint, the Lokayukta sleuths will help you get it registered.

Likewise, there is help for those facing difficulties in dealing with government offices across the state - be it police, health, transport, revenue or any other department.

On the other hand, the website (www.lokayukta.kar.nic.in) will help people share information about corrupt officials or any other complaint to the Lokayukta.

Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde said the idea of the helpline struck him when a nine-month pregnant woman from North Karnataka called him at midnight seeking help to get admitted in a primary health centre.

“We have been receiving complaints about mal-administration in government offices for quite some time now. But the call from that woman got us thinking,” he added.

Helpline for accidents

1. On receiving the call, the staff will inform the caller about the nearest hospital, how to reach it, and if possible the contact number of that hospital.

2. The hospital staff will also be alerted and ready to treat the patients. In case of non-availability of doctors in that particular hospital, higher-ups will be informed.

3. The district Lokayukta offices will also be alerted, so that the victims can contact them in case there is any negligence on the part of hospital staff or if they deny treatment.

How website works

If anybody has specific information about corrupt officials, they can simply log on to the website and share the information with the Lokayukta. The complainant need not reveal his identity.

The website is accessible only to the Lokayukta and its Additional Director General of Police to maintain confidentiality.


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