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Multi Level Markeitng - A BIG SCAM.

With the increasing queue of 'Quest-Net' victims and the volume of financial irregularities committed by the online network-marketing company rising, the City police have decided to hand over the case to the CoD.

Initial investigations into the fraud committed by Quest-Net India Limited has revealed the firm had duped people to the tune of several hundred crores across the country, said police sources.

Interestingly, the directors of this Chennai-based company, including MD Pushpam Appal Naidu, are now ‘out of the country’. Police have no information about their whereabouts.

The online network marketing company had spread its tentacles in various parts of Karnataka in just ten years.
The number of victims has increased from 800 to 2,500 in just a week in Bangalore alone.

“We have received 2,500 complaints and are expecting more complaints,” said a police officer.


  1. Devang Patel said...

    The only reason QNet didn't work in India because some thugs used the popularity and authenticity of QNet to propagate their own fraud schemes and due to illiteracy, people got duped by these thugs. I have been in QNet business and I can assure you that this is an absolutely legitimate business with a simple business model. Some fraud people misinterpreted this business model to make people join the business and left them with no resources. Thus the people are fraud and not the company.

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