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Sacmsters of Bengalooru (SOB)

Got a mail saying you won a lottery? Beware. Such mails, usually from Netherlands or UK-based companies, usually go on to to say, "Please send the advance money to cover the costs."

Dr Mogasavara N M of Jayanagar received such a mail and succumbed. He sent them 1800 euros on April 18 and 4,600 euros on April 26 hoping to pocket $1,100,000. In response to this, he received a mail on May 4, asking him to send an additional 9,600 euros.

That’s when he smelt a rat and alerted the cyber crime cell. Two other Bangaloreans narrate similar stories. S William,who works for a software company, received an email from London saying she’d won the UK national lottery of £2 million and a Citroen car and was told to send £1,500.William was overjoyed and her family called the company in London several times.

A man would answer the phone and use different names — Jamal Hilton, accounts officer Charles Johnson or Lancy Harrison. The family sensed trouble and didn’t send the money.

Advertising agent Syed Khalid Ahmed received an e-mail on Tuesday announcing that he’d won £900,000. Ahmed couldn’t believe his good fortune but he baulked at the thought of having to first send $1,648 via Western Union Money Transfer to Samuel Moore, 33 Peters Street, London.

Ahmed lodged a complaint with the cyber police station at the CoD office under miscellaneous section because under Indian law, this is not a crime. According to cyber police cell DSP Hari Singh, they have received many such complaints.

Additional director general of police, cyber crime, S Mahapatra says: "Under our laws,we are not equipped to take up a case against these fraudsters. We can only take up a miscellaneous case against them. We will write to the UK authorities and inform them. There is nothing we can do to them, except inform the government."


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