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Immigration scam: 3 Indians to meet NZ officials

Melbourne: Three of the 39 Indian pilgrims, who have disappeared on their way to Sydney to see the Pope at the World Youth Day celebrations, are likely to meet New Zealand immigration officials on Thursday and provide leads about the alleged immigration scam, New Zealand Sikh Society said.

"We have contacted about 15 missing pilgrims and are in talks with them to come forward and discuss options of their stay in the country. However, as of now we have been able to convince only three to provide the facts to the immigration officials," Daljit Singh, spokesman for New Zealand Sikh Society told PTI over phone.

The missing men were not Sikh but from various religions, he said, adding we are working with immigration officials to get to the bottom of the alleged scam and find out who all were involved.

The Sikh community, in New Zealand, was also spreading the message for other lost pilgrims to come forward.

"I tried to convince them (on Sunday), they need to leave to Sydney but they were telling us that they came to stay here and the guy organising from India took their money and said 'you can stay (in New Zealand) forever'," Singh said.



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