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Indian 'guru' faces charges of fraud, drugs and rape


These are the detail on the CBI's official website with the case file number A-177-2-2003.

Like every GOD-MAN in our country this man, more popularly known as Swami Amrita Chaitanya too has a crime behind his great fortune including his Shantiteeram guest-house functioning in Kochi.

He is the first Malayalee criminal under GOD-MAN skin to go international.

Read some of the initial reports about this Malayalee from at these links

We haveTwo fraud & Criminal persons in same name - Santosh Madhavan.

Well the First Santosh Madhavan, who is a brother of Trikesh Kumar Madhvan, wanted by Mumbai Police for the criminal case registered against him in J.J.Marg Police Station, Mumbai in 1993, on the charges of possession of sophisticated weapons and smuggling of illegal weapons, U/s 3(3),(5) and 5 of TADA , r/w 3,25 (a) Arms Act. On 25th Sept. 1993, Mumbai Police arrested an accused for illegally possessing a sophisticated loaded pistol. During investigation, some more accused including Trikesh Kumar Madhvan, brother of Santosh Madhavan, were arrested and more arms and ammunitions were recovered at their instance. Trikesh disclosed the name of Santosh Madhavan as one of the main conspirator along with other wanted accused. Santosh Madhavan along with his accomplices hatched criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist act with the use of sophisticated fire arms with the intention to adversely affect communal harmony. A red corner notice was got issued against him in accordance with CBI’s request to Interpol and he was arrested at Abu Dhabi (Press release issued by CBI in internet at www.cbi.gov.in/pressreleases/PRelease2004/p2jan4.htm ).

Then the Second Santosh Madhavan known as Swami Amritachaitanya & Ali Kanu Saifudeen cheated a woman in Dubai and Interpol issued a red corner notice against them in accordance with Dubai police’s request (http://www.interpol.int/Public/Data/Wanted/Notices/Data/2004/68/2004_1568.asp ).

Due to CBI’s irresponsibly and ignorance or political and financial influence, CBI used First Santosh Madhavan’s (brother of Trikesh Kumar Madhvan) photo and date of birth for Second Santosh Madhavan (Swami Amritachaitanya) in CBI’s Interpol wanted list. This shows how CBI is foolish and handling Interpol alerts and notices. For hiding CBI’s faults and irresponsibility, they mislead even Interpol. As a result Second Santosh Madhavan (Swami Amritachaitanya) who is a big fraud and criminal escaped from Interpol wanted list.


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