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Review Of Google Massacre Scam Right Now

Generating brand awareness and driving classified traffic to websites can financially drain any organization. The challenge increases manifold for non profit organizations, often limited by resources and marketing expenditure. Most non profit organizations need to prioritize spending and Online advertisement does not make it to this list, in most cases. What if they could rally Search Engines to accomplish this feat without spending a penny.

Philanthropy does not find many takers in the world of ‘for-profit’ organizations. This poses an acute fund raising problem for ‘no-profit’ organizations, as shortage of funds act as an embargo to their cause of existence - charity. Online exposure can provide impetus to the fund raising initiatives by promoting the websites meant to garner help and support. Within the past few years, Search Engines have warmed-up to the altruistic cause of supporting charity organizations.

‘Google Grants’, a charitable initiative by Search Engine giant Google, is a way of doing charity differently. The program awards free Adwords (pay per click) credit to eligible charities, to help them leverage the benefits of sponsored listings. The mission is to use Googles’ Internet marketing capabilities to support non profit organizations. Googles’ commitment reverberates in the statement made Sheryl Sandberg, “As a company we are interested in giving back to the community.”

Source: ISFMA

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