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The The great great Sri Sri NGO NGO scam scam

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art Of Living kicked off Sangam 2008 yesterday, a three-day All-India Summit for Environment. Using the “triple bottomline approach” (ecology, economy and technology), the confluence sought to bring together “multi-sectoral non-government organisations (NGOs) on one common platform to develop practical solutions for India’s most pressing environmental concerns.”

Organised through AOL’s sister concern, the “International Association for Human Values” in partnership with the United Nations Millennium Campaign, with “technical support” from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, promotional literature for the summit said Ravi Shankar, along with Dr R.K. Pachauri, Dr Ashok Khosla, Sunderlal Bahuguna, Dr Vandana Shiva, and Kartikeya Sarabhai would be in attendance.

BHAMY V. SHENOY of the Mysore Grahakara Parishat, who plays a lead role in bringing out a magazine for NGOs called Catalyst, was among those who signed up, paying Rs 5,000. He fled before the end of the first day. This is a letter he has written to several NGOs and NGO heads of his first-hand experience.


“I am back from Ravi Shankar’s Sangam 2008 within a few hours of its inauguration. It was supposed to be an “all-India NGO summit for protection of environment and access to social justice.” In reality, this was one of the cleverest hoaxes perpetrated in the name of a spiritual movement using the facade of NGOs.

“We should keep away from this “spiritual” person. His is a commercial ashram doling out psychological products specially for some foreigners and middle-class women who have studied in English medium schools. Many are working there as volunteers. It was impressive to see how so many could be motivated to give their services free of cost to produce profit for an institution. This requires genius of the highest order.

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  1. Shivom said...

    I have read many of the comments above and I would like to add my views
    A year ago, I attended one of Art of Living’s courses on a friend’s advice. I am a Medical Doctor working in Florida and was a little bit skeptical about all these breathing exercises and stuff. However, since I have done them I have found them very helpful in improving my health and general well being. I can correlate the effects of breathing exercises and meditation with health improvement owing to their stress reducing effects. In medicine, it is an established fact that excess levels of stress hormone cortisol can lead to various long term health implications.
    I paid $400 for the 20 hour course. Initially I felt it was a bit pricy but still I don’t agree with anyone’s objection to it. They teach you and charge a fee for it, a fee which they have the right to decide. If you don’t want to pay, don’t go.
    You go on your own free will knowing and paying the fee they ask. Then if, they spend the money on charity or their organization or even themselves it is upon them. I don’t have any problem with it, and why should anybody have? The course was good and techniques useful; I got what I paid for. What’s the problem?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Dear Shivom,

    The breathing exercises taught by AOL is way too much. There is a LIMIT for any human to withstand. with the Long Kriya, we take in more Oxygen and at the same time we get the Co2 out. This gives us headaches and other side effects. Hence by the end of Long Kriya, you obviously feel relaxed and tend to sleep. This is not rocket scienc to understand...and by the way,with the spate of Convertion issues around India to down South, AOL is just another form of CONVERTION. They some how brainwash you to get in more people to the course at a price...

    It seems to be for the previleged, and you can see them in any AOL centre, you'll find just the creamy layer of the society doing the course. Its my personal experience. They don't give any rebate if you cannot afford, so is Art of Living only for the RICH? aren't they ment for the common man? they really can afford to impart for the underprivilleged with loads of Foreign and Indian FUNDS pouring in...

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings and others out there,I have been practcing YOGA since school. I feel its just the YOGA "RE-MIXED"..
    Its not that I'm Biased, They are my personal views...

    PEACE to ALL...


  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. Anonymous said...

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    Please circulate this post as much as you can to save innocent buyers from such scammers

  5. Anonymous said...

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    BPOResources Soham - I want to report this provider as a scam website who scams about dialer and Voip. He is Soham Dasgupta "http://www.bporesources.com/index.html". His phone number is 98303 389999.

    Added 1 more link for your reference. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4282879-5945238101700988929.

    I have also tried to contact him, sent message in facebook in the group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/101885793486452/?fref=nf. letting him know that if he does not get back to me I will report this matter.

    I don't want people to lose money where atleast I know who is a fraud.

  6. Sakshi Gautam said...

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  9. Sanjay Bulsara said...

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  10. Trupti said...

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  11. Trupti said...

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  12. Trupti said...

    Club factory on facebook is absolutely a fake website should be reported as you pay but u never get your stuff back

  13. Anonymous said...

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  14. Anonymous said...

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