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BBMP to offer insured land info

In a first of its kind application of GPS in the country, the BBMP could not only change the way that property is bought and sold in the IT capital, it will also attempt to give credence to genuine properties and help buyers from falling prey to scamsters.

With the number of property disputes in Bengaluru city relatively higher than in other metro cities, the civic agency, in a few months from now, will provide all the information pertaining to the sale of any property in the Byatarayanapura zone with title insurance cover.

The authority has completed the indexing of over 10 lakh properties through satellite imagery and is currently validating the data.

A pilot project to index properties through the Global Positioning System (GPS) for property tax collection has turned into a major tool for the authority.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, BBMP commissioner S. Subramanya explained the project underway in 36 old wards of Byatarayanapura zone.

“Property buyers can now check for litigations, ownership, encumbrance, physical measurement of the building, bylaw violations among others by subscribing to this data by paying a nominal fee,” Mr Subramanya said. “If the applicant finds any fault with the information provided, he can claim title insurance against any loss as the BBMP will go in for group insurance for this scheme.” “It is an attempt to give credence to genuine properties and prevent buyers from being conned by scamsters,” he added.

The BBMP’s revenue department and engineering section is carrying out validation of these properties by measuring their longitude and latitude. Also, during the validation all relevant information and irregularities if any will assessed. Each property will be given an ID number which will locate the property in terms of latitude and longitude. The centrally managed land record will be updated every month.

The project will also give the agency “live” data of public properties and their status.

BBMP is confident of the success of the scheme and plans to apply the same technology for the rest of the city.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle


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