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Currency scam has terror links?

What has baffled the security agencies inquiring into the fake currency racket is the fact that though Rs 1.62 crore worth fake currency has been detected, assets of the two persons arrested for their involvement in the case are nowhere close to even 10 per cent of what they are believed to have pocketed.

Arrested bank cashier Sudhakar Tripathi is reported to have told investigators that on every Rs 1,000 worth fake currency they saved 35 per cent (of the face value) and the rest was forwarded to suppliers of the fake currency across the border.

The RBI teams screening the money have detected a total of Rs 1.62 crore of fake currency notes till late on Friday evening.

Even going by Sudhakar's own admission, the two must have got Rs 50 lakh. But the assets in possession of the two are nowhere close to the profit they have earned from the racket. "Sudhakar, who lived in a rented house, has bare minimum household goods. There are no costly gadgets or clothings or anything else that can justify his earnings," said a senior officer of a Central agency probing the fake currency racket.

Though sleuths did find a four-wheeler and electronic gadgets at Abid's residence, the total value of items available in his house was much below the amount he is suspected to have earned in the last six months.

The Central agencies believe that either both the accused have kept the money somewhere or the cash has been forwarded to fund other activities in the country. "After all, there has to be something on which they have spent their money," commented an officer.

Meanwhile, the first confession by Sudhakar that he had put in Rs 1.5 crore in the chest was blown to bits when RBI team, screening the currency notes, traced another Rs 37.62 lakh worth counterfeit currency from a total of Rs 50 lakh screened so far. The total seizure has now shot up to Rs 1.62 crore.

"I have this hunch that the magnitude of the racket will turn out to be much bigger than what we have imagined," said additional director-general of police (ADG), STF, Brij Lal who has been supervising the investigation from day one. Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) took over the fake currency case on Friday. The SIT unit led by superintendent of police (SP) Anil Kumar along with two deputy SPs and a host of inspectors and sub-inspectors (SIs) reached Siddharth Nagar on Friday morning and took over all documents related to the investigation into the case from the Dumariaganj police station and started the probe afresh.



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