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Nigerian conmen strike again

Nigerian lottery scamsters seem to have many more aces up their sleeve. This time, the imposters have resorted to the postal services or ‘slow mail’ instead of emails. They are reaching out to gullible people through mobile services too.

Dr Devidas, a resident of Magadi Road and working as a pediatrician and physician at Vijaynagar was cheated of Rs 3.33 lakh by conmen through postal letters.

Loaded with MBBS,MD, DCS degrees, he has 20 years of work experience. He was informed by the fraudsters that he won a lottery amounting to 8,15,950 Euros, the police said.

He was told to pay the processing fees to get the amount released. The doctor believed the message and contacted one Christopher Cook through the phone and was told to pay Rs 45,000 to the account of one Mike Anderson in HDFC Bank.

Later, Devidas contacted Christopher and Mike many a times and paid money to some ICICI accounts of the imposters. In fact, he has all the documents pertaining to the money transactions he made like the fax number, letters, phone bills and bank transactions.

Overall, Devidas lost about Rs 3.33 lakh as the fraudsters successfully cheated the doctor. Vijayanagar police have booked a case against Chistopher Cook and Mike Anderson.

A senior police official in the CoD’s Economic Offence Wing told to this website's newspaper that the imposters were using mobile phones too to cheat people. In a particular case, the imposters even sent messages about ‘prize money’ through BSNL mobile phones.

The messages that a mobile phone user gets will read like this: Your mobile number has won a prize sum of 150,000.00 GBP (Great Britain Pounds). Contact your claims agent Rev. Don Moen in UK. e-mail address is rev.donmoen@live.com.— Moureen.

"If a person falls prey to such messages, he would end up being the loser," the officer said.

Source: Indian Express


  1. Anonymous said...

    yup very true.. I just recd a msg on my phone from one Maureen about winning 150 k GBP and contacting the agent rev.donmoen of UK..
    I knew this was a scam.. I just typed the key words and did a search.. and bingo it is a scam.. thanx to this post on scamsters..thnk u guys...

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