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Scam unearthed in NREG scheme

There are reports of mismanagement in the UPA government's flagship programme, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Vidarbha's Amravati district.

The government has admitted that over Rs 8 lakh given to the scheme have been misused.

Shyam Gavande is a beneficiary under the NREGS, so is his dead wife. That's when the Amravati farmer realised something was drastically wrong.

"My wife died three years ago. Neither of us had ever gone for work there," said Shyam Gavande, Amravati farmer.

Just like Shyam, there's Bhagwan Wankehede, a teacher in a government school who is also an NREG scheme beneficiary, on paper, at least.

"In the scheme, my name was in the list. But the money has been taken by someone else," said Bhagwan Wankhede, school teacher, Amravati.

And these are not isolated cases, complaints of misuse within the scheme in Vidarbha's Amravati district are growing. The scheme, a flagship of the UPA government, guarantees a hundred days of employment at 60 rupees a day for manual labour.

Surprisingly, a candid admission from the government.

"In many kinds of work, less money has been taken and more money claimed. About Rs 8.4 lakh has been misused," said Purshottam Bhapkar, District Collector.

The district administration admits that 14 projects have been sanctioned where machines did the work instead of people. The list of beneficiaries is far from accurate.

Pandora's box
  • 14 projects sanctioned in which machines did the work instead of people
  • List of beneficiaries is not accurate

    The scheme is only two years old and has been a lifeline for India's poorest people. Recently a CAG report detected problems of mismanagement and leakages.

    And now from Amravati the same question: Is all the money given to the scheme reaching the poor?

  • Source:NDTV


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