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Forensic lab official committed fraud: CBI

Facing criticism from the Kerala High Court for its handling of CDs containing reports of narco test of the suspects in the Sister Abhaya case, the CBI on Monday told the court that an official of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) at Bangalore had manipulated the CDs and sought action against her.

The submission in this regard was made by CBI standing counsel when the case came up before Justice V Ram Kumar.The body of Sister Abhaya, an inmate of St Pius convent at Kottayam, was found in the well of the convent in 1992 and the case was later handed over to CBI for investigation.The CBI in its submission to the court today alleged that Dr S Malathy, an Assistant Director of the laboratory, had manipulated the CDs containing reports of narco-analysis test of three suspects in the case at her residence. The time code on the CDs showed 6.31 am whereas the lab opens only by 10 am, the CBI counsel said.

On August 26, the court rapped the investigating agency accusing it of making a "false statement" over the number of CDs it received from FSL.The CBI counsel accused Dr Malathy of playing fraud and said the investigating agency was ready to subject the three suspects--two priests and a nun for narco analysis test again.CBI DYSP R K Aggarwal in his written submission informed the court that properties of three files in the CD had shown that the file was created/modified on October 17 last year at at 7.28 am, Oct 22 at 9.35 am and Oct 23 at 6.31 am respectively.

These files are 254 MB, 239 MB and 100 MB respectively and adding to 593 MB, which can be written in a single CD. Moreover, the CD was the same that was handed over to CBI Inspector L N Chourdhary in a sealed cover which was submitted in the court, Aggarwal said.



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