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Techies fall prey to job scam

At least 20 software engineers from various districts in the state on Monday met city police commissioner R Sekar and lodged a complaint against some persons who had cheated them after promising jobs with global IT giant IBM.

Most of the victims are untrained engineers who were attracted by the attractive pamphlets printed by the fraudsters. One of the victims, C Magesh, a native of Namakkal, was approached by Saravana Karthikeyan during an interview at a software company. Karthikeyan promised to get Magesh a job at IBM's global services in Chennai.

"He asked me to come to Chennai and meet a person at Rahat Plaza in Vadapalani. There I met a person who behaved as if he had close contacts with senior IBM officials. As per his instructions, I deposited Rs 49,000 in cash in an ICICI account in the name of Rohini Premkumar at Nanganallur . Similarly, my brother Karthik also deposited cash in the same account. I did not get any response from them for a while. When I contacted them, they claimed that the company's human resource department had already sent me an offer letter from their mail address. On September 12, I received the offer letter from 'IBM.' The offer letter carried the signature of D Merwyn, HR, IBM.

The salary structure was conatined in an attached letter ," Magesh told The Times Of India.

"As per the offer letter, my brother and I came to Chennai to accept our jobs at IBM. But the officials there denied having recruited software engineers recently. I saw several other people waiting on the verandah with similar letters. When we approached a HR person in the office, he verified all the offer letters and declared them to be fake.

He then asked us to approach the city police commissioner and lodge a complaint ," Magesh said.

Following this, the victims met R Sekar and urged him to take initiate action against the fraudsters. The petition was forwarded to a senior police officer for further inquiry.

Meanwhile, Sunetra Banerjee, a senior HR official at IBM, Bangalore told The Times Of India: "We are looking into the issue. We are concerned about fraudsters using the reputation of the IBM. Several youngsters have fallen prey to the fraudsters and we never encourage mediators for job placements at any level."



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