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Better seats lure students to fraud

Desperate to get into reputed engineering colleges, three meritorious students resorted to dubious short-cuts. They risked their
careers and got themselves false income and caste certificates during counselling. But their luck ran out out when their scam was confirmed by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) after tip-offs.

Avinash (name changed) secured a 5,000-odd rank under CET-2008. Belonging to 2A category, his father is an assistant engineer and mother a software engineer. The total annual family income is Rs 10 lakh. However, during counselling, he produced a false income certificate stating the annual income as Rs 1.85 lakh because he wanted to get a seat in PESIT.

He did get a seat there, only to land in trouble. KEA officials received an e-mail stating that the family's annual income was higher. A show-cause notice was issued to Avinash and after verification, the allegation turned out to be true. Officials cancelled the seat he'd selected in the first round of counselling.

In another instance, a student belonging to 3B category wanted an engineering seat in Bagalkot. He produced a false income certificate of Rs 1.5 lakh when his family's annual income was Rs 2.75 lakh. A person called up the KEA office and informed them about the problem. During the inquiry, the student admitted to the con.

In the third case, the student submitted a fake caste certificate. He actually belongs to the 2A category but produced a caste certificate under 1A category. This boy's father is an assistant engineer.

A KEA official said these students opted for such methods as they wanted seats in premier colleges. The official added that except for SC, ST and category-I, the annual income of parents under other categories should not exceed Rs 2 lakh.

"There have been instances of students claiming seats by producing false caste or income certificate, and getting caught during verification. They won't be allowed for counselling till they get the original documents," the official said.

No criminal case has been filed against the three students. "By doing so, their careers will be ruined," the official added.



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