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CBI to probe Shiradi Ghat repair

Following huge irregularities in the repair works of Shiradi Ghat section (between Sakleshpura and Uppinangadi) of the National Highway road No. 48, main road that provides link between Mangalore and Bangalore, the Karnataka High Court on Monday instructed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate into the scam.

Residents of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts had several staged protests opposing the poor quality of repair works undertaken by the firms during the last summer. The Centre had released Rs. 40 crore for repair the road.

A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice, P.D. Dinakaran, and Justice V.G. Sabbahit passed an order on petitions by B.Krishna Bhat seeking a direction to the Central and State Governments and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to take up repair of the road.

The poor quality of works, incessant rains and movement of heavy vehicles carrying iron ore were said to be the reason for the deterioration in the quality of road, the people said. Minister for Public Works C.M. Udasi maintained that poor design of the road was the major reason for its damage.

The Court has asked the CBI to take up the inquiry along with support from the Central Vigilance Commission and experts from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.
The Bench directed the CBI to complete the probe within three months from the receipt of the order.

After the probe report, the Central and State Governments have been instructed to initiate action to give contracts for repairing the Shiradi Ghat section within three months, keeping in view the required standards for movement of heavy traffic vehicles.

The CBI was directed to submit the report to the Central Vigilance Commission which in turn was asked to take action against those officers who were responsible for illegal sanction of funds to the contractors in violation of guidelines and norms.

The petitioners contended that the condition of the road had damaged totally and that it would become fully damaged during the monsoon. The Government said they had sanctioned works for taking up works to improve the road and that repairs of different sections had been entrusted to different contactors.

The CBI would look into the issue as to who are the officers responsible for the lapses in monitoring the work and not regulating traffic, the court said and disposed off the petitions.

The 37-km-strethch has been causing inconvenience to motorists and commuters visiting Dharmasthala, Mangalore, Udupi and Kukke Subramanya.



  1. jessbino said...

    I am very happy to see this blogspot and to understand high court of Bangalore taken some action on this cheaters. I think our legal system don’t keep accountability on the responsible person who execute the job.

    No politician has social responsibility to raise their voice for the people who travel. No travel agency’s association or transport union have time to protest against it to save their trucks or busses maintenance cost. We have serious situation in Karnataka we are busy in hitting girls who go to pub and to make news and busy in discussing religion and how to destroy each other. Our media is just busy in telecasting boring petty cases and film fundas.

    If we want to be the economic leader in the world we have to change our social responsibility sense have to improve. If couple of people raise their voice on this monster corruptions others with join them. Defiantly our judiciary and legal instruments are with us to support us.

    We have thousands of brilliant engineers and well equipped reputed construction companies in India. Why can’t we use them to build the roads instead of going behind 3rd class contractors and stupid engineers?

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