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Inter-state gangs joined hands for fraud

It is a nightmare for any credit card holder. Your card can easily be used by somebody else to make hefty purchases, even fly to exoti
c destinations.

It has become a regular phenomenon in the city with as many as 27 cases registered in various police stations in the city since January 2007.

City police officials describe the arrest of Manish Kakadia as an important development in solving most of the cases as investigators believe him to be well-connected with other online fraudsters.

"He has accomplices in various cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. He used them effectively.
The gang used the numbers in booking online airline tickets and then selling it back on the cyber space. However, the trick was, they used the credit card numbers of one city in another, to wipe out any possible tracks," said JM Yadav, sub-inspector of crime branch.

Officials added that cyber crime experts had traced several transactions of credit cards of Ahmedabad to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. Officials also gave names of other accused in online fraud.

While Kakadia was present in Ahmedabad, Sonia Chhabra, previously arrested by Satellite police, used to book tickets from Chandigarh and Ludhiana. "Usman Bin Abdullah was in Mumbai whereas we have got names of Yogesh Chauhan and Ratna who operate from Hyderabad. They were in touch via emails and phone calls," said a crime branch official.

Their transaction details are interesting too. Yadav added that the team shared two to three bank accounts accessed by the members. "When they do a good trading, they shared the money afterwards. As some of the members have debit cards, the money was immediately withdrawn from various locations. We are working on the bank account," said Yadav.

City police officials are hopeful of cracking cyber space where the group used to zero in on likely preys and how to use the credit card numbers. The gang also took a lot of precaution after two important members were caught by Ahmedabad police late in 2007, said investigating officials.



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