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Another Scamster is in the making with 2 contests

It took two contests by a blogger to make us realize that both contests are fake. The name I am referring to is of Rishabh Sood who claims himself to be a 15 year old blogger(too young). He held his first contest with not a very big but believable prize of a iPod Nano. Nothing great with that since even the screenshot of Nano looked as it was kept at his home. Lots of people believed it…entry requirements were fair as it required us to reveiew his blog. Nothing suspicious upto here. Before announcing the winner, he along side started a second contest too. Now the suspicon rises. Winner is announced.

First Point…Winner never commented on the original blog post. (We still believe as requirement was to submit review via email)

Second Point….No url mentioned with the winner’s name. (We still belive — somehow)

Third Point….someone named CHEATER(DOn’t know) mailed me and some other contest blogs reporting him as a scamster…pointing to two DP threads. Suspicion rises.

Now I started to investigate. On checking the winner announcement post, I found the url of the winner. Blog is new! Only 6-7 Posts though this time earliest post was made in August.(He learned a bit from Ashwin Khanna’s mistakes) Blog has no theme, no category and not even removed default blogroll(But yet to learn a lot). But Rishab Sood manages to defy saying he is waiting for traffic proof. I investigate further. Whois to the rescue.

Whois of the winner’s blog : Details as follows:

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 21-6-2008
Name: Viresh Vasu aka FGH aka TSF
Email: vireshvasu@gmail.com

Address: A-2, C.P. New Delhi, India.
PinCode: 110049
Ph: 9818025446
Fax: +1.5555555555
Hosted at virtuosohost.com

Whois on Rishab Sood’s Blog : Details as follows:

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 26-07-2008
Name: Rishabh Sood
Email: sood1992@gmail.com

Address: 46/1, 3rd floor Gautam Nagar, New Delhi, India
PinCode: 110049
Ph: 9868164136
Hosted at virtuosohost.com

Now both have same registrar(can be), same host(still), same country(can be), same city(ohhh) and even same pincode(amazing similarity)

Tried Hosting Company (Oh my God)

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 05-03-2008
Name: Virtuoso Host, Rob. S
Email: rob@virtuosohost.com

Address: A-31 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
PinCode: 110029
Ph: 9818025446
Fax: +1.5555555555

Phone number and fax number of hosting company’s support and winner blog are same!!!!!!!!

So Winner is the owner of Hosting company and Rishab Sood’s blog is hosted there only!

Checked the DP thread. Whois of the hosting company mentioned there revealed Private Info used but atleast main registrar ENOM is same as above.


Registered at ENOM(Sub Registrar hidden)
Created on 29-05-2007
Rest of Info hidden as private

Domain is now Parked.

Email: tsffthbnpg@whoisprivacyprotect.com (BTW WhoisPrivacyProtect.com company manages private registrations for Namecheap)

And for more reports on Cheating, check these 2 DP threads:



I wanted to be sure and investigated further. I even searched google for Virtusohost.com and find out the real owners of the hosting company.

And look what I found:


VirtusoHost Member asking people to review his own blog: Rishabhsood.net
This is final. He is the owner of health-figure.com, virtusohost.com and rishabhsood.net
So he is not giving the prize to anybody. Ban him and his emails and domains. From my finding these are his sites:


He holds 2 Accounts at DP:

http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=48413 - Currently Banned

http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=41533 - Working

Now Do you need more proofs to say that Rishab is cheating us out in the open? And if you will agree with me, take down all links and posts related to Rishabh Sood and let his blog’s popularity go down.
Don’t participate in any of his contests. Ban all above emails from your blog’s comment systems.

Let’s say what Rishab Sood has to say in his defence!

Source: submityourcontest.com


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for this one, it really helps

  2. Anonymous said...

    go to hell rishabh sood! He has a contest but the first prize of $50 go to a 'ghost blogger'

    He only sent the $15 and the free ad spot. So no one will notice it.

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