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Karnataka orders CoD probe into 3 cases

Karnataka Government on Tuesday has ordered Corps of Detectives (CoD) inquiries into three major crime incidents that occurred in the State for the past few weeks.

BJP Government led by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa has ordered CoD probe into - fire incident at St. Anthony's Church on the outskirts of Bangalore, death of a farmer from a stray bullet in Hoskote, and killing of two persons allegedly by naxalites in Udupi district.

Home Minister Dr. V.S. Acharya told journalists at the Sate Secretariat that the CoD probe will help the Government to come clean in three cases. It was decided to conduct the CoD probe into the fire incident occurred last week at St. Anthony's Church at Yadavanahalli under Attibele police station jurisdiction on the outskirts of Bangalore.

The church authorities decried the incident and termed it as handiwork of by anti-social elements. Copies of Bible and musical instruments were destroyed in the fire at the church. The Christian association demanded a probe into it. The Karnataka police said that the fire was caused by an electric short-circuit. "The Government has nothing to hide, the probe will unravel the truth," Dr. Acharya said.

The Government has already ordered a judicial probe into the attack on churches and prayer halls and the consequent violence in the state last month.

The Government has also ordered a CoD probe into death of a farmer after being hit by a stray bullet near the Police Training Centre at Haralur, near Hoskote last week. Subbanna (52), a resident of Solur, was killed by a stray bullet near the Police Training Centre at Haralur, near Hoskote. Recruits of the Karnataka State Reserve Police were being trained in rifle shooting when the incident occurred.

The CoD probe was also ordered into killing of two persons allegedly by naxalites at Sitanadi village in Udupi district during the elections to the State legislative assembly last May.

Bhoja Shetty and Suresh Shetty, who had gone out for shopping, were returning home on a motorcycle, when the suspected naxalites opened fire at them. While Bhoja Shetty was a teacher, Suresh Shetty was an agriculturist. However, the people in the district alleged that the police killed two persons in a fake encounter.

Dr. Acharya said the CoD probe will help the government to identify the real culprits behind the attack of churches and also the death of the farmer near Hoskote. The CoD would be directed to complete the probe in a time bound manner, he said.



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