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No complaint, but cops arrest seven for fraud

The Lucknow police arrested seven persons on Sunday night for fraud. But no police officer knew who had been their victims and when and where the alleged fraud took place.

Those arrested included two activists of the People’s Union for Human Rights (PUHR) — Vinod Yadav and Sarafaraz — from Azamgarh. They had participated in a dharna at Azamgarh on October 6 against alleged harassment of innocent people in the name of fighting terror.

Others arrested with them, according to the police, were Badre Alam and Bal Govind from Azamgarh, Rizwan and Azam Ansari from Deoria, and Paras Nath from Barabanki.

PUHR activist Shahnawaj Alam said while Vinod and Sarfaraz belonged to his organisation, he did not know about others. He alleged that the two of them had been framed. “We had informed senior police and administrative officials about these persons having gone missing two days ago,” he said. Vinod’s brother Raju said he left Azamgarh on Thursday, telling his wife Sarita that he had some work in Lucknow in connection with his NGO, Karvan. Sarfaraz had gone with him.

On Friday morning, Vinod’s cellphone went dead, Raju said. Later, his PUHR colleagues informed the police.

Sub-Inspector Deshraj Khanna of Alambagh police station said the police had arrested the men after a tip-off that some persons involved in fraud were coming to the Alambagh bus stand.

“We cordoned off the area and arrested them. A golden power, weighing about 250 gms, was seized from them. They used the powder to cheat people, telling them they could convert ordinary objects into gold,” said Khanna.

But even senior police officers had no idea whom the arrested persons had defrauded and when.

Circle Officer Virendra Kumar said, “I have to check the details”. ASP (East) Harish Kumar said, “I don’t know much about the case.” The IG of Lucknow zone, AK Jain, said he was “not aware of the details”, while ADG Brij Lal refused to comment.

National general secretary of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) Chitranjan Singh said: “Vinod was present for the dharna at Azamgarh. We will fight against injustice done by the police.” The PUCL and PUHR had jointly organised the dharna. Defence lawyer BK Jaiswal said the accused have been remanded in jail custody for 14 days.

Source: Express India


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