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Man dupes neighbours of lakhs

Worried about his son's oversleeping habit, R R Rajagopalaiah Shetty sought divine intervention. He was instead taken for a
ride by a neighbour and lost over 1 kg gold jewellery, 13 kg silver and few lakhs in cash.

Shetty of Gokula in Yeshwantpur was duped not once, but a number of times over two months, by R Shridhar. The latter performed a number of poojas he claimed would cure Shetty's son's problem.

A few more residents of the neighbourhood have claimed they lost money by investing in a chit fund run by Sridhar, who is now absconding.

Shetty's son Nagaprasad had a peculiar problem. He went to sleep at night like anyone else, but woke up only the next evening. This worried his father. Sridhar seized the opportunity posing as a part-time soothsayer, and offered to cure the problem by performing a `suvarna dighbandana'.

He first asked Shetty's wife to put her jewellery in a `kalasa' and place them in four corners of the house for three months. He returned within 15 days and took some silverware and money from the family for another pooja at his own house. He again returned in a month's time and took more money and silver articles for further poojas. This time, he also took away gold for a `rudrapuja'. At the end of two months, Sridhar made away with 900 gm gold, 13 kg silver and Rs 3.7 lakh.

Shetty realized they were duped only when Sridhar disappeared and lodged a complaint with Yeshwantpur police.

In the chit fund fraud, Sridhar is said to have duped many people to the tune of over Rs 13 lakh. Three women were also involved in the racket.



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