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We just know one kind of terrorist who hurts our country, there is one more kind of terrorist, like Shameema Banu, who hurt our country that taxpayers don’t know. Shameema Banu, a Indian citizen, comes to Cook County Hospital with a tourist visa, gets a major heart surgery, costing the tax payers thousands of dollars, fills her suit case filled with medicine from the Cook County Hospital pharmacy, that can last for one year and leaves. She did not even have the decency to say thank you to the tax payers and Cook County Hospital. The tax payers would not have known this, as she told me she cooked up all the papers, and had contacts to erase her name from the record before she left. She did it again, but this time, she came to USA sponsored, by her brother Dr. Mohamed Rehman, who is presently living , at 713 corner stone lane, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, Phone No. 610 527 9198, whose household income per year is $350,000 to $400,000. Her brother after she came to this country dumped her on the tax payers to support her medical bills. This time, she told me that Cook County Hospital is for poor people so she got her heart surgery done in University of Chicago Hospital after giving all the medical records that she had from Cook County hospital. Again the tax payers paid the bill.The Edward hospital of Naperville, charged the tax payers for services in and out of hospitals several times. I was surprised, to see a care taker in her house, doing household chores, like cleaning her kitchen, she joked with me telling me, only rich people like her
can a have care taker. But later I found that the taxpayers were paying for the caretaker. When I told her,
this is not fair on her part, as the country is going through bad financial times, her answer, “the country will have a bad time for a long time, let me enjoy”. She tells me it is ignorant people like me who live in a one bed room apartment, which Shameema Banu calls a chicken house, don’t know how to get freebies and tax payers pay for the freebies.

By the time people like Shameema Banu are brought to justice to stop this type of terrorism, our children
will be paying their bills.

When Shameema Banu learned from her doctor in Bangalore, India, that she needed major heart surgery, it that will cost her a lot money, she told me she laughed and left the place. Next thing, she called her brother Dr. Mohamed Rehman, who was a resident at Cook County Hospital, to fix the papers, so that she can get
into Cook County Hospital, get the surgery done and disappear. She bought a first class ticket, according to her, came here as a tourist, got the surgery done, stayed in Cook County Hospital for 2 weeks. She knew
I was a poor person, she would call me, to stay with her at night, even though she knew I work 12 hours a
day, seven days a week. After she checked out of the hospital, she gave me papers, and told me that I
should go to Cook County Hospital at night and get the medicine. This was so hard on me, by the time I
went back home, it would be 1 am. When I could not take this I told her, why doesn’t she get medicine from another pharmacy in the day time, her answer was the quality in Cook County Hospital is good. When I asked who is paying the bills, she told me she has paid the bills from India. But then when I was standing in line at Cook County pharmacy, I got very angry and told the clerk, my sister has paid the money and I should not
be standing in line for such a long time. He told me that is not true and asked me about my sister and told
him every thing. I came and told this to my sister, she got nervous, and she left the next day. By this time
she had a suit case full of medicine from Cook County Hospital. At the airport when I told her what she has done is fraud and she will go to jail, she told me she knows how to take bribes and how to give bribes and
that she has bribed Cook County people to cook all kind of papers and no one will even know she was in Cook County.

Like to know about Shameema Banu:- A civil engineer from Bangalore India, she told me nothing moves
from her table till the contractors grease her palms to her satisfaction. Her office timing, according to her, starts at 11 am, the coffee time at 11 30 am, lunch at 1 pm, then 4 pm done for the day. According to her , bribe she takes she calls it consultancy fee, and she has bought real estate worth tens of thousands of
dollars. Her richness can be imagined, when her daughter living in Naperville asked her, to send the furniture that she grew with, which is not worth $10 in garage sale, she shipped the furniture from Bangalore to Naperville. The only gifts she gives to her little grand children is 24 carat gold jewels, the children are so young, I doubt if they even know what is gold. To hide herself from tax payers of this country, she lives in a posh condo in Naperville, and tells her son is paying the rent. She gives money to her son and then he
pays all her bills, so that the tax payers should not come to know it is her money. She take no less than six to eight suit cases every time she travels overseas, and spends lavishly. I am told her new house in India which she built is worth millions of dollars.

Shameema Banu now lives at 353 S. Whispering Hills, Apt A, Naperville IL 60540-5089, Phone number 630- 470-9666, enjoying her life and laughing on hard working people like you and me who are paying for hospital bills and her caretaker.

Thanking you,

Habib Wala
6909 N. Ridge, Apartment 1 D
Chicago IL 60645
Phone 312 523 5391

Source: countrywideprostitutes.blogspot.com


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