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City colleges plan foolproof I-Cards for students

Several city colleges have beefed up security and decided to introduce fool-proof identity cards for students in the wake of last week’s Terror attacks. The move comes after reports revealed that the gunmen had fake I-cards belonging to a reputed Bangalore college.

Pointing at the need for cards, which will remain exclusive to each student as long as they are in the campus, K G Narayankhedkar, Principal,Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Dadar said, “We have always had specially laminated cards with barcodes and photo identity. But from next academic year we want to devise smart cards that will be impossible to replicate. This smart card will be multipurpose acting as an attendance card, a library card and will be for every other college use.”

Pradeep Abhyankar registrar, Wilson College added that like every other college, his college has also discussed several security measures. “First of all we are going to adhere to strict surveillance measures. Anyway, our security guards usually know most of the students. If any student looks suspect, we will check him/her thoroughly.”

Abhyankar said that their college ID-cards have always been printed with security concerns in mind. “We print the cards in-house for utmost safety.” He said that printers also follow strict security measures while printing cards. Even as the city colleges are taking all the precautionary measures to ensure that there is no security lapse, those in Central and suburban Mumbai are not lagging behind either.

Dr Suhas Pednekar, Principal, Ruia College, Matunga, said, “Our I-cards have barcodes but we don’t have barcode reading machines in the college, so far. The machines are usually temporarily installed during college gathering when a large crowds are present. But after what happened last week, we are planning to install machines in the college campus.”

“We have all decided to keep an eye on the activities in the college campus to bar any untoward activity. Not just suspicious visitors but we are also keeping a watch on any baggage brought into the college or stored in the campus,” said Pednekar.

Pednekar said, “Even students have become very aware of safety matters now. Earlier, they used to carry their I-Cards in their pockets. Now, they hang it around their necks for as long as they are in the campus.”

Father Frazer Mascarhanas, Principal, St Xaviers’ college, Fort, is confident that his college security is already foolproof. “For the past three years, we have had our own I-card printed directly on plastic. We don’t outsource printing for security reasons. Besides we also have very strict security features and are sure no fraud can take place,” he said.

Source:Indian Express


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