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Man who lifted lid off DDA scam arrested

Delhi Police's Economic Offences Wing (EOW) made their second arrest in the DDA scam - shockingly, the "whistle blower" of the scam,
30-year-old law graduate and property dealer Deepak Kumar.

"We have incriminating evidence against him and his name cropped up during the interrogation of Lakshmi Narayan Meena, the prime accused in the scam. We recorded his statement on Saturday and will further question him now," said a police officer. Additional CP (EOW) S B K Singh refused to comment about the arrest.

The development however has caused outrage in some circles with complainant Udit Raj questioning the need to arrest Deepak when policemen knew all along that he had been a part of the racket and that's where his information came from.

"This is a bid to punish him for speaking up. Deepak is a property dealer who was initially involved in the scam, but then he switched sides. Neither Deepak, nor me ever kept this information from police. In fact, we reported to Malviya Nagar police station on October 31 last year, more than a month and a half before the draw, telling them about everything. They ignored the complaint and took no action. On November 10 again, we filed a complaint at the Pashchim Vihar police station and named Rakesh Agarwal, Bhaskar, Suresh Kumar and Vijay Kumar along with LN Meena, but they took no action. It is their inefficiency that the draw was allowed to happen on December 16. After this no citizen will ever come forward to confess something he has done in the past and thus help unravel rackets," said Raj.

In fact, while speaking to TOI earlier on Sunday, Deepak had expressed fear that he would be framed. "My conscience just wouldn't allow me to go on with the scam and so, I informed the police much in advance of the draw, but I fear that i will still be framed in this," he said.

Raj said that Deepak would be produced in the court on Monday and they would try to get his bail done. He added that after police took his statement on Saturday, Deepak was called for some more "questioning" on Sunday and was instead arrested.

Deepak is a law graduate and first met the scamsters back in July 2008 when he was approached by fellow property agents to participate in the scam. It was in beginning October that he decided to blow the lid off the scam and filed a complaint along with Raj, a former Revenue services officer and an active RTI activist.

Source: TOI


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