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Bangalore:Corruption Starts from CM's Home: V S Ugrappa

"BJP is the mother of corruption. Corruption starts from the home of the state chief minister. The BJP workers follow the path of corruption thereafter," alleged opposition leader in the legislative council V S Ugrappa.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday January 30, he said that the BJP leaders, right from its once national president Bangaru Lakshaman to MLA Sampangi, have been involved with several corruption scams. Because of the Loakyukta raid, Sampangi has been caught, he added.

During the BJP tenure, scams running into Rs 30,000 crore have taken place. Allegation of corruption has been levelled by senior leader Bhairon Singh Shekhawat against Rajastan ex-cheif minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Karnataka has witnessed scams right from mining to transfer business, he charged.

Sampangi was caught red-handed while accepting bribe to settle a criminal dispute. Likewise, BJP legislators and ministers have been accepting illegal gratifications for affecting transfers. They are using their clout for corrupt practices instead of protecting the law and order situation in the country, he accused.

"Under the BJP rule, Bangalore has witnessed 25 murders in 22 days and law and order machinery has collapsed in the entire state. The government has been conducting the programme of campaign against terrorism, instead of conducting campaign against its own corrupt practices," he ridiculed. He demanded action against the BJP legislators who visited the Lokayukta office in connection with Sampangi case on Friday and behaving irresponsibly there. The Congress will be keenly watching the steps being taken by the BJP in this case, and will initiate steps if the government fails to handle it properly, he warned.

Source: Daijiworld


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