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Con games busted, 5 men in net

It was just not their day -- Wednesday saw five con men land in the
police net.

Genius with many powerful fathers Sukas, a PUC drop-out and ace fraud, cheated at least 16 companies and persons over the last two years. At 19, he had already amassed over Rs 57 lakh.

All he did was drop big political names and assure industrialists of mega deals from the state and Union government. Even before the deal process began, Sukas would collect his commission and vanish.

At times, he was the son of Union minister T R Balu and at others, of Karnataka revenue minister Karunakar Reddy. He would variously introduce himself as Rahul, DK, Rohith, Ravikumar and so on. Fluent in English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, Sukas even had his parents' blessing for his `business'.

His modus operandi: track tenders put out by the Karnataka government on its website. Contact suppliers and negotiate for a commission to get the tender sanctioned to them. Once the money was transferred to his father's account, he would vanish.

Sukas would also hire luxury cars from travel agencies. When he came across a potential victim, he would offer to sell the car for a throwaway price, collect the advance and disappear. Neither would he return the car. He was adept at avoiding agencies by changing home frequently.

When the police nabbed Sukas, his parents, Chandrashekhar and Mala, went underground, said South-East DCP B N S Reddy. Earlier, Sukas was arrested by the Hulimavu police for forging the land documents of a woman. This time, he confessed to have cheated 16 persons and made a whopping Rs 57 lakh. Sukas was tracked through his mobile calls, the DCP said.

Source: TOI


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