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5 men complain of job fraud

Five persons lodged a complaint with the Chennai suburban commissioner on Wednesday alleging that a Nandambakkam-based company had
cheated them of jobs after taking huge sums of money.

According to J Srinivasan, one of the victims, he came to know through a consultancy that Info Ark technologies in Nandambakkam was giving contracts for BPO outsourcing work. He approached the firm, enquired about the details and applied, Like him, 22 others also applied.

Srinivasan entered into a formal agreement with the chief executive officer of the firm, Karthikeyan, in September last year after paying Rs one lakh. "Many others started applying from July. The job was to fill pharma forms coming from the US and send it back in a given format. Of the total income we would get, 10% had to be given to the company. The officer said we would be getting the forms within a week," said Srinivasan.

However, nothing happened till January this year and they kept saying that the forms had not come. "In January, CEO Karthikeyan called all of us for a meeting and said he had given the money to a third party. When we asked him to introduce us to that person, there was no response. So we asked for a refund," said Saravanan, another complainant.

He said that while some had invested Rs one lakh, others had invested more. "People from Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore also applied. The total money involved could be around Rs 25 lakh. But after we asked for refund, Karthikeyan went absconding," alleged Saravanan.

When contacted, Karthikeyan said he had left the company some months ago. "I recruited some of the applicants and the money had been refunded to some of them. Info Ark is now holding discussions to repay the remaining persons," he said.

Source: TOI


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