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Kambakkht Ishq - The BIGGEST SCAM in the history of Bollywood Box-Office!

We (@NG) have been following the KI box-office with great amount of scrutiny since it released on 3rd July. There were lot of unanswered questions raised throughout this period. There has been an dedicated thread too : LINK

When Taran’s reported centers came out, he had mixed gross and Net collections which made it very difficult to make a good estimation as I had only a few common centers to refer to. To that extent, Taran had been successful in his campaign.

Now with Film Information data available, a detailed analysis with the reported centers of New York, Race and Welcome has been possible, which shows the KI week 1 is around just 31 cr. The opening week has posted good numbers, but is nothing extra-ordinary as per the PR claims. The opening week is not in the range of biggest openers till date like Ghajini, SIK, RNBDJ. It is in fact less than OSO, Welcome, Dhoom 2 and Race. Even Golmaal Returns had better prolonged first week.


What does it indicate?

It indicates that some of our questions were bang on target!

Producers claimed a 60 cr worldwide gross for the weekend and 100 cr worldwide gross for week 1. Weekend Net figures of 25 cr was fed to media and its PR/publicity machinery for KI (IndiaFM and Taran Adarsh included along with BOI and other sites).

Whereas a lot of logic/reasoning indicated that KI weekend Net in India was likely to be around 20 cr. Even Eros had claimed a 32cr Gross (20 cr Net) over the weekend in India in its first press release: Link. But later as Producers and Akshay Kumar throwed numbers and a publicity gimmick of a party, Eros too came up with a 100 cr imagination.

So what happened here? Did KI do 25 cr in the weekend?

If so then the movie had crashed from then on to reach just 31 cr in week 1. If that is indeed true then the movie should see 70-80% drop in week 2.

The other possibility is that the movie did just 20 cr over the weekend and then fell by 50% or so in the 4 weekdays to add another 10-11 cr. If so then the movie has not crashed and the second week should not see anything more than 60-70% drop in collections.

Whatever happened in week 1, one thing is beyond doubt - Producer Nadiadwala, Akshay Kumar and Eros has reached the pinnacle of shameful dishonesty and tried to pull off the Biggest Scam in the history of Bollywood box-office!

Source: naachgaana.com


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