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Land grabbing cases on the rise

Think twice, or more, before you hand over those land records to brokers. It could get you into trouble as the land could be sold for lakhs without you even getting a whiff of the deal.

Senior CCB police perssonnel state that a number of such cases are registered, and the loopholes in the system make it easy for frauds to escape and continue with such cases. And the innocent victims end up paying the price. On Monday, a 45-year-old man was driven to commit suicide at the Sampigehalli police station limits as he had fallen prey to one such trick.

As land value in Bangalore has shot up in the recent past, making money by producing fake land documents have become easy and common. Also, a number of banks eagerly come forward to provide loans without feeling the need to verify the documents.

Many bank officials, before giving away the loan, fail to check with neighbours as to who is the real owner of the land. Police say that such cases are commonly reported and lack of stringent rules has lead to the rise in such crimes. Quoting the crores of loss by the Vini vinc scam, CCB Inspector SK Umesh said, “Such cases have shot up, and unfortunately, the victims are still unaware of being cheated.

Police investigations to trace the culprit themselves cost lakhs, but they easily get released on bail.” These cases are booked under section 420 for cheating and 468 for forgery. However, when an accused is arrested under these charges, they can be released on bail by paying a surety of Rs 5,000.

Even the courts come across such cases.

A number of fake documents come before the court and when suspicions arise, they are sent to the FSL. After the verification and a confirmation that they are fake documents, an enquiry is ordered. Senior officials say that unless even the court takes these cases separately and strictly, it is not possible to curb or stop such incidents from happening.

There are close to 200 cheating cases registered in the city every month. These cases include such fake land grabbing incidents and are treated on the lines of other petty cheating cases. Unless such cases are considered separately as land grabbing, it is difficult to put a check.

Capital Crime

On Monday morning, 45-year-old Venkatesh, a resident of Agrahara Layout in Sampigehalli committed suicide when his wife was away to buy milk.

Sampigehalli ACP Ramachandrappa, said, “Venkatesh is from a very poor family and had an inherited property. He was in need of money and so had planned to sell the same and had given the photocopy of his land documents to a land dealer.

However, it was in the year 2006 that he came to know that a loan of Rs 8 lakh was availed on his property without his knowledge by the brokers. He lodged a case at Chikajala police station and it was transferred to Sampigehalli police station this year in February. Though the police enquiry was going on, unable to face the pressure by bank officials who demanded him to pay the money, he committed suicide on Monday morning.” The brokers including Kiran, Ravi, Siddanegowda and others have allegedly prepared fake land documents and by claiming that someone else was Venkatesh, had availed the loan. A case was registered at Sampigehalli police station and investigations are going on.

Source:Express Buzz


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