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Wipro warns against job mail scam

Do not get too tempted if you have interview calls from software major Wipro Technologies in your inbox as the emails are fake and the company has warned against falling prey to such bogus mail.

Wipro Vice-president, Talent Acquisition, Pradeep Bahirwani told PTI that company had come across such fradulent letters earlier as well "but this time we have come across e-mails that carry the company logo and its letterhead".

The letters signed by one Narayan Murli ask aspirants to deposit a "refundable" security deposit of Rs 4,670 in a particular account number as payment towards the interview and offers attractive salaries in the range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 65,000 a month, he said.

The e-mails had been sent out to job aspirants registered in different job portals informing that they had been shortlisted for interviews for various vacancies ranging from software programme. "We are not sure how many such letters have been issued, but we wish to warn aspirants not to fall prey to it." These letters, he said, were replete with spelling mistakes and erroneous language and originated from some public domain and not from the company's domain.

"Moreover the letters state that the office is located in Noida and the interview is scheduled there. In fact, we do not have an office in Noida", he said. Pradeep said the common modus operandi of these fraudsters, who aim at maximising their returns from these interview payments, was that they keep changing the account numbers and close down the accounts after a period of time. The names of those signing the letters and the account holder also keep changing. The account in this particular incident was registered with a leading bank.

The designation of the person signing the letter was never mentioned in these letters, he said.

Giving details on Wipro's recruitment procedure,Pradeep said it drew talent from various sources, including campus, portals and fell on its own data base. The letters orignated from its company domain and most important they never charged any payment, he said.

The software major has also spoken to one of the job portals about these fradulent letters.

The company which is in the process of filing a complaint with the police warned aspirants from tier two and three cities with less access to information and were more likely to fall prey.

Such fradulent letters were not necessarily restricted to Wipro.Similar instances had been reported from other IT firms as well, he said.

Source: India Times


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