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Joaquim promises to nail CCP scamsters

The urban development minister, Joaquim Alemao, on Wednesday assured the legislative assembly that the government would not spare any
person involved in the various scams at the Corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP) and that "the guilty will be brought to book by filing proper cases in appropriate agencies of the government".

Replying to the debate on the demand of the directorate of municipal administration, Alemao said that the CCP's new commissioner, Sanjit Rodrigues, has asked for three months to verify facts in the issues of daily wage workers and the allotment and rent of shops and to streamline the functioning of the corporation. It maybe recalled that TOI first reported about the corporation paying salaries to ghost' workers on July 14.

Alemao said the commissioner has admitted that excess staff has been recruited without the permission of the government and that he has to carry out verification of the physical presence of the workforce.

Alemao said the commissioner also observed several irregularities in the allotment of shops, stalls, etc in the new market. "No proper record has been kept on what basis the allotments have been made. Therefore, he (commissioner) has proposed to undertake a fresh survey of shops, stalls and platforms and has requested three months to complete the survey and streamline the allotments," Alemao said.

The urban development minister also said that the commissioner has observed irregularities in the collection and disposal of garbage by employing private contractors. No tenders have been floated before signing of MoUs for collection of garbage and for transportation of garbage. Even though there was a crisis of garbage collection, after making emergency arrangements, it was the primary responsibility of the CCP to follow codal formalities. It has been observed that important clauses of the agreement have been tampered with. This has to be reported to vigilance department, Alemao said.

He added that irregularities mentioned in the report of the commissioner indicate loss of revenue to the CCP. "After going into details of the irregularities, a need to fix responsibility is of utmost importance so that this type of irresponsible behaviour does not spread to other municipalities," Alemao said.

Source: TOI


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