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Call centre cybercrimes increasing in India

"Cybercrime in India, China, Russia and Brazil is a cause of 'particular concern', says University of Brighton's study: Crime Online: Cybercrime and Illegal Innovation"

Yes, India is the hub of global business process outsourcing. But this positive distinction has a negative side also. That is, the world leader in BPO business is also leading in call centre cybercrimes. This and more such findings have found place in a recent study by the University of Brighton, which says recession is driving computer-literate criminals to electronic scams.

The report, 'Crime Online: Cybercrime and Illegal Innovation' (http://eprints.brighton.ac.uk/5800/01/Crime_Online.pdf) , also warns that the current global recession will likely increase this trend of cybercrime still further and cybercrime in India, China, Russia and Brazil is a cause of "particular concern". There has been a "leap in cybercrime" in India in recent years, it added.

This report focuses exclusively on financial cybercrime, specifically credit card fraud and identity theft. Financial cybercrime has increased dramatically in recent years and looks set to increase further as the proliferation of communications technology proceeds apace and reaches regions of the world with many underemployed poor people with information technology skills who can take advantage of cybercrime opportunities.

"Russia, China and Brazil are world leaders in cybercrime, with groups and individuals in India powering up to compete. Yet companies in Europe and the US are increasingly moving IT functions and software development tasks to India, Brazil, Russia and Eastern Europe in a bid to draw on their good IT skills and lower wages", the study led by Professor Howard Rush adds.

Although cybercriminal activity remained low in India, with other emerging economies, there has been a leap in cybercrime in recent years, the study says quoting media reports. It also points to a report which ranked India in 2008 as the fourteenth country in the world hosting phishing websites.

Russia has traditionally been considered the original home of cybercrime, where high technical skills combine with a stumbling economy and a long tradition of organised crime, it says. Russian programmers are believed to be behind the most widely used malwaremaking toolkits such as Mpack and WebAttacker. Dubbed 'the mother of cybercrime', the Russian Business Network (RBN) has been linked by security firms to child pornography, corporate blackmail, spam attacks and online identity theft, although most Russian cybercrime is directed to financial fraud, particularly through botnets and phishing.

Across the world, the report predicts that cybercrime will continue to offer high rewards and low risks both to organised and to opportunistic criminals.

As more and more regions of the world go online, cybercrime is finding new and more permissive environments, especially in developing nations, where cybercrime is gaining a foothold, it adds.

Do you think this bad reputation will affect India's future in business process outsourcing?

Source: CIOL


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