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'Fake job offer emails smart, specific and almost real'

Online job frauds just got bigger, smarter and more authentic. A new batch of fake job offer letter emails specifically targets young IT professionals, and is being circulated by scamsters posing as HCL and Wipro employees.

The emails, promising job-seekers interview calls from these two IT giants, carry seemingly authentic employee codes, hologram of the companies and even the designation of the persons who have sent the letters.

The mails direct interested employees to deposit a nominal fee as 'refundable interview security' in a specific bank and also include the account number to make it look real.

Mail order

The email being circulated offering jobs at HCL, a copy of which is with MiD DAY, comes with the subject: "HCL Direct Recruitments Offer." It reads, "The company has selected 32 candidates' list for IT, Administration and Production departments, as well as is offering you to join as an executive/manager post in respective department."

The email carries the contact details of two people K Rangnathan and Vikas Mehta who mention the mail is 'confidential' and is being sent to 'candidates chosen from a well-known job portal'. The mail also mentions the two are part of the 'HCL Human Resource Department' and includes an employee code ID-11538 as well. "We are sending this mail on behalf of the IT company," the letter adds.

The email asks professionals to deposit Rs 5,250 (in cash) as 'refundable security' in favour of the company's senior Human Resource Department official Ajay Kumar Jha at any branch of the Punjab National Bank. The account number mentioned is 7200002466100.

It instructs job seekers to inform the department about the payment made by writing in at hcl.appointment@dr.com

The mail says after the fee has been deposited, the applicant will receive an offer letter with air tickets for the final interview at the HCL headquarters in Noida on August 24.

The alleged mail from Wipro says, "Wipro has 45 job vacancies in its facilities in Delhi, Bangalore, Noida and Pune." This mail too includes similar cash deposit instructions. It also promises to repay expenditures the candidate incurs during the direct interview with company officials.

Almost real

Cyber security experts are alarmed at this smart duplicity. They point out that fraudsters have created a database and are selectively targeting a specific audience, in this case, software engineers.

Vivek Vohra, a Delhi-based hacker who works to protect online security, said, "Scamsters are cashing in on the economic slowdown. But they have become smarter. These mails are so authentic it is hard to make out they are fake."

Worried firms

While the emails fool youngsters, the companies being framed are worried as well. The two IT firms have strongly condemned the mails. A senior HR official from HCL confirmed they have received complaints and queries about fake job offers. "Criminals are tarnishing our image even though the company has no role in it. We welcome people to approach us to complain against such nuisances. We take such matters very seriously and are working with the police to curb such malpractices," said the official.

Pradeep Bahirwani, vice-president of Wipro's Talent Acquisition department, said, "Wipro advertises job openings on its career website, on registered job portals, staffing partners and through media advertisements.

The advertisements carry the Wipro logo and the Wipro email ID."

Even HCL has posted an advisory warning against fake job offers on its official website. The advisory says, "It has been found that unscrupulous individuals/ placement agencies have been enticing candidates with job opportunity at HCL. HCL wishes to state that the company has never charged money for recruiting candidate nor does the company have authorised agency or firm for recruiting candidate."

Source: Mid Day


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