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Another scam in HSRP, ferry tickets, alleges Parrikar

Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar on Friday alleged another scam in the high security registration plates (HSRP) stating that the
contract awarded to Shimnit Utsch has a clause stating that old vehicle owners will have to pay an additional 35% to convert their number plates.
Addressing the media, Parrikar said that the people of Goa would be forced to cough up Rs 22 crore to the company. "The number of old vehicles in Goa runs into lakhs. The contract allows Shimnit Utsch to charge 35% extra to change the number plate. This means two wheeler owners will have to shell out an additional Rs 230. This information has been hidden from the common man," the opposition leader said. Parrikar said that he had written to the chief secretary bringing it to his notice.

However, Dhruv Patel, marketing manager, Shimnit Utsch denied these allegations. "Only if your HSRP breaks and a replacement of HSRP is required, a royalty of 35% needs to be paid. A part of this royalty goes to state government. By implementing the HSRP, the number plate is as good as a driving licence or the RC book, which is the property of the state government. Similar procedures are followed if a licence or RC book is lost," said Dhruv Patel, marketing manager, Shimnit Utsch.

Parrikar, meanwhile, alleged that there is another scam in the river navigation department (RND) and it is a racket by creating posts of ticket collectors. The opposition leader said he had seen media reports that tickets were being imposed on persons travelling on all ferry routes except island routes.

"I have a reply from the government through an unstarred question, which says that the additional cost incurred to recruit new ticket collectors will be Rs 9.15 lakh per month. However, additional revenue from the newly proposed levying of tickets will be Rs 5,64,100 per month. If the island ferry routes of Ribandar-Chorao, Sao Pedro-Divar and Old Goa-Piedade are excluded, the revenue is only Rs 1,41,100 per month. Thereby, the government is actually making a loss of about Rs 7 lakh per month and almost Rs 92 lakh in a year," the opposition leader said.

"Besides this loss, there will be inconvenience to passengers. The concept of free ferry service was introduced because it was realized that the cost of collection far exceeds the actual collection. The proposal by the RND is nothing but for the purpose of creating posts of ticket collectors," Parrikar alleged.

Parrikar said that he had written to chief minister Digambar Kamat about this. "I have requested him to ensure that such fraudulent proposals are not agreed to," he added.

Source: TOI


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    Reports saying that tickets were being imposed on persons travelling on all channel ferriesroutes except island routes.

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