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Cops nab 'real estate agent' for visa fraud

The Kurla police on Wednesday arrested a 48-year-old man who duped several people by offering them jobs abroad and work visas. Mohammed
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Ibrahim Shaikh posed as a estate agent and to get people placed in Dubai, Jordan, UK and the US. Investigations have revealed that Shaikh had been conning people since 2006.

Shaikh's scam came to light when hotel management professional Pappu Sachdev lodged a complaint. Shaikh had extracted Rs 8.5 lakh from the Kurla resident by promising him a job in the UK as well as work visa.

"I met Shaikh through my neighbour in 2008. He spoke confidently and I fell for his lies," said Sachdev. "I took a loan and paid Shaikh. Though he got me a work permit in 2008 itself, he kept delaying my departure.'' Sachdev smelt a rat and approached the UK consulate. "I was shocked when the consulate officials told me that my visa was fake. My family doesn't know about the fraud,'' the 32-year-old said.

Shaikh has been booked for forgery and cheating. Explaining Shaikh's modus operandi, senior inspector Vijay Bagwe of Kurla police said, "Having assured his victims of an overseas job, Shaikh asked them for an advance payment. On receiving cash, Shaikh would hand over photocopies of the visas and demand money for air tickets. He would give them photocopies of the tickets and give them details of the flight and the day of the journey.''

However, said Jadhav, when victims reached the airport, Shaikh would call up and inform them that the journey has been postponed for two days. "But victims never left the country and their attempts to contact Shaikh did not bear fruit."

The police are now on the lookout for Shaikh's accomplices who helped him prepare fake visas.

Source: TOI


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