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Got a job offer in your inbox? It may be fraud

Conmen are now targeting freshers by sending them job mail in the name of big companies and duping them of thousands of rupees. Two years ago, information technology giant HCL stumbled upon a mail sent in its name offering a job to the recipient. But according to HCL, it had not sent the mail, reports IBNLive.

Many more cases have come to light since then. The emails are sent in the name of big companies like HCL and many other well paid jobs. "Basically they assess the database of job sites where the e-mail IDs and profiles of people are available. Then they target mostly freshers and people with six-nine months of experience who don't know how the industry operates and big companies work. The third thing is they mostly target non-metro areas," said Ravi Shankar B, Senior VP and HR head of HCL's India operations.

Usually, these fraudulent offers are mass mailed and sometimes even marked to 500 IDs. Out of these around 10-15 of the recipients respond to the offer. Then the conmen ask these freshers for a security deposit to be transferred into a bank account, before the final interview. Once freshers send the security deposit, the conmen stop responding and then disappear completely.

Since July, companies have been putting out public warnings. Some have even registered police complaints. Online job portal, naukri.com, has also approached the Economic Offense Wing in Mumbai and warns users against such mails. "We already have a message on our homepage alerting job-seekers to not fall prey to any e-mails offering jobs and asking for a security amount to be deposited," said Vibhore Sharma, Senior VP-Technology at Infoedge.

During the investigation it was found out that each mail had a different sender name, account number and bank. The conmen even gave fake company addresses. The authorities are still looking for these conmen but when they contacted the various banks to check on the account numbers given in the e-mails many accounts were still found to be active. Few banks also gave out information about transactions.

Source: SiliconIndia.com


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