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Lokayutka unhappy with HC judges’ attitude

Lokayukta Santosh Hedge has expressed his displeasure over the attitude of judges of higher courts in not making their assets and liabilities public and for non inclination to come under the purview of Right to Information Act.

He told reporters here on Thursday that in a democratic set up all are equal and the laws applicable to common man are applicable to others, including judges.

"If judges are honest why should they be afraid of declaring their assets and liabilities. How will a common man believe the judiciary if there is no transparency?’’ Hegde asked.

Hegde said that within a few days of assuming the charge he had put his assets and liabilities on the official website.

The Lokayukta said that his institution had taken pains to investigate and prepare a report with regard to the mine scam.

He said that he had submitted his report to the government and recently he had got the action taken report from the government.

In its report, the government has stated what it proposes to do in future but it has not stated what was doing at present, he said. He said that he had recommended to the government to start Va l - ue Added Product beneath the mines so that the Central and the State Governments could earn revenue and the people of the region wo u l d get emp l o y - ment.

Hedge said that he was not satisfied with the government as it had not implemented his recommendation.

He said that he would submit a report on this and about 2-3 other factors to the government within a month.

Bangalore varsity issue

Hegde said that his institution was probing the allegations against the local inspection committee of Bangalore in recommending sanctions to a few colleges.

Prima-facie it has been provided that some of the committee members had taken bribe while recommending sanctions to colleges, he said.

Vexed Lokayukta not to ask for more powers

Santosh Hedge has said that as he was fed up with the government and henceforth would not ask for more powers.

He said that he was not asking for supreme power to the Lokayukta but the privilege to register complaints suo moto and file complaints against those who were found guilty. "The government can give these powers to the Lokayukta that will not harm it any way, but will help check corruption in society.

The promises of the previous and present governments in this regard are yet to be materialised.

There is no meaning in asking the government again and again," Hedge said.

He said that after he had assumed office in 2006, as many as 1,047 persons were trapped taking bribe while 240 raids have been conducted. "However, not even a single case had come up to the stage of filing chargesheet against the offenders in the court.’’

Source:ExpressBuzz(Indian Express)


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