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One arrested in Rs 9.35-lakh email lottery scam

The Juhu police have arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with an internet lottery scam. The victim, Neeta Pathak, was duped to the tune of Rs 9.35 lakh. The accused, Mobin Khan, is part of a larger racket and was paid 3% commission on each amount that was deposited in his account, said the police.

Around two months ago, Pathak received an email, informing her that she had won a lottery of .5 million. An unsuspecting Pathak replied to the email, following which she was informed that she would have to pay a processing fee to get the amount. The scamsters asked Pathak to deposit Rs 1.80 lakh in a private bank account, registered in the name of Khan, at Malad. Subsequently, she was instructed to deposit money, totalling Rs 9.35 lakh, in four other banks over a period of two months.

Pathak smelt a rat when she did not receive any money despite shelling out the hefty `processing fees' and approached the police. Investigating officer Gulzarilal Fadatare said, "Khan resides in Malwani and is unemployed. He was asked to open a bank account by an acquaintance, who promised him a 3% commission on each amount that was deposited in his account.''

Sleuths believe that the scamsters might have cheated several others in a similar fashion. "We are trying to trace the person who asked Khan to open a bank account,'' said an officer. "We are going through Khan's bank statements to ascertain if more money was deposited in his account. This will help us trace others involved in the scam,'' the officer added.

Source: TOI


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