Almost everyone has been the target of a scam at some stage in his or her lives, and many people have repeated, ongoing exposure to scam attempts. The aim of SCAMSTERS INC. is to provide you with information you need to Protect Yourself from scams, so you can recognise a set-up and avoid the hook and the inevitable sting of a scam. Its your Daily dose of Scams in your neighbourhood.its an Archive for all thats related to SCAMS,FRAUDs,Etc....

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SCAMSTERS INC provides an Antiscam - Useful External links page to similar and related to Bangalore and rest of India. Finally, SCAMSTERS INC. provides advice for those who have fallen for the bait and been hooked at 'I've been scammed. What should I do?

A scam called Innovative Multiplex in Bangalore

It’s a four-screen multiplex on the city’s Outer Ring Road that opened more than three years ago. When it opened, the food, picture and sound quality seemed quite good, but now it’s becoming progressively worse. Here are my grouses
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