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This is how the coal mafia operates

For years the UP police have done little to crackdown on the coal mafia operating in the state. The CBI says from local police to forest offcials and the RPF- everyone is hand-in-glove. TIMES NOW has now exposed how coal worth lakhs of rupees are being stolen each day from trains carrying the material.

In one of the biggest scams that has been going on for years, coal, worth lakhs is stolen each day from trains headed for thermal plants. The scamsters have been operating for years right under the noses of the UP administration.

The modus operandi is simple. No sooner do the goods trains filled with coal leave the mines, the mafia is tipped off. As the train makes its way through the naxal infested jungles, it is stopped by group of men. In a matter of minutes, the operation is on in full swing and the theft begins.

The stolen coal is then loaded on to tractors and secured in godowns by the mafia.

While the CBI crackdown has forced the govt to launch an investigation, the magnitude of the scam clearly suggests everyone, from the local police to forest officials to the railway protection force, is hand in glove with the powerful coal mafia.

Source: Times Now


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