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Web scamsters loot Rs 4 crore, arrested

Four persons, who collected nearly Rs 4 crore within a year by posting a website and later duped more than 15,000 members by collecting membership fee, were arrested on Monday.

The arrested created a website and offered its members incentives for clicking the advertisements posted in it. According to Cyberabad police, B Yadagiri, who owns the RJR India Online Adds Services Business at Quthbullapur, along with his friends hatched a plan to earn easy money by posting a website.

He took the help of his friend, S Shambulingam and D Veeresham, and created the website, rjraddsindia.com, with the help of a website designer , K Srinivas. The accused approached P N Sudhakar, director of Castling IT Solutions Private Limited at Manikonda, and hosted the website through the domain of his company.

After launching the website, the accused issued paper advertisements offering membership to the general public of the website by paying Rs 2,500 as fees.

“They assured the members that they would earn Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 per month by clicking on the advertisements posted on the website through the IDs given to them,” Cyberabad Police Commissioner S Prabhakar Reddy said.

They collected Rs 3,99,66,683 from 15,972 persons between November 2008 to May 2009.
In June 2009, the accused shut down their business and were absconding since then.

Police on arrested Yadagiri, Shambulingam, Venkatesham and Srinivas and recovered Rs 47 lakh cash and 1.4 kilo gold from them.

Four bank accounts were also frozen, however, the accused did not maintain a huge balance in the banks. The only deposited Rs 1.21 lakh in these accounts. Another accused Rajani, the receptionist of the company, is absconding.

Source: Express Buzz


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