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Bizzare News!!! Young Women Prey on Drunk Men in Alleged Sex Scam

I keep getting news from people who request me to publish them on this site... I try to stick to news that relate to scams from India, but at times some news really amuse me. Here is one piece that made it to this list....

Three women -- all in their 20s -- are accused of using their sex appeal to rip off dozens of single guys across the city.

According to police, the troublesome trio often met their victims at upscale Manhattan nightclubs and persuaded the men to go to nearby ATMs where the ladies apparently snuggled up to their guy pals and swiped PIN numbers. One victim apparently lost a whopping $5,000 in the scam.

The suspects - identified as Tiffany Rasberry, 21, Barbara Labady, 22 and Subhanna Beyah, 21 - are accused of luring in as many as 50 victims - by apparently offering to give them rides home or to other parties. During the drive, the women would reportedly slip their hands into men's pockets and steal cash and cellphones.

Their sexy-scam came to a draw Monday after they were busted for stealing more than $1,000 from an attorney they met near a trendy hotspot on West 14th Street.

The lawyer told police the women approached him in their car as he was smoking a cigarette outside of the club. They apparently asked him to go to a party with them, so he got in the car and the trio took him to an ATM machine so he could get some cash.

The victim claims Rasberry and Labady followed him and watched as he punched in his PIN number. In addition, he said the two suspects kept touching him in order to distract him and steal his bank card.

When they got back in the car, Beyah said she felt sick, so the victim said he got out of the vehicle as they drove away. That's when he realized his bank card had been stolen. He called police who were able to track the women down and arrest them, but not before the suspects allegedly withdrew $1,600 from his account.

Each woman has been charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Source: wpix.com


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