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Tweet for Cash!!! What a SCAM...

I was browsing as usual and an irresistible AD popped up which lead me to this site

As i kept digging, something smelt fishy in this site. So I ran a check on the whois record and viola!!! it was surely a SCAM. As I would rightly term it "MLM SCAM".

It is just another get rich quick scheme that is really a pyramid scheme. “Tweet for Cash” claims that you can pay $2.97 for all the information you need to become rich overnight.Well it doesn’t tell you that you will pay nearly $89.90 a month after a 7 day free trail. You make money by scamming others the same way you’ve been scammed.Wanna know more!!! just type “Tweet for Cash scam” and you will see what a shitty scam it is.

I wanted to dig deep into this site, so I clicked one of those link that took me to another website which looked like this....

and then after filling up the form

This final page convinced me that this site has a scamsters signature... the way it unfolds made me get out without signing up for their services....

As Martin G Quotes in Yahoo! Answers as

"Washington Reporter is a scam site

As seen at whois Record of the domain did not exist prior to 5/21/2009. The registrant's address is privacy protected by Whoisguard. The "news" article includes testimonials like:
"Heila says: March 21, 2009 at 9:52 amWell, I'm definitely interested... this could be just what I need right now."

It is dated two months earlier than washington-reporter.com existed. A chance to get rich for only $1.95! Surely it is worth the risk. Well, no, it is not $1.95 you are sending them. It's your credit card number and all the data they need to misuse it."


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