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This phisher financed his own education

At 19, he was enterprising. But he used his talent in the wrong way. When things went wrong at home, he decided to fund his education

Now, Nikhil Dhingra from Jhansi has been arrested by the cyber crime police for hacking into three accounts in Bangalore by sending phishing mails. He was arrested on September 14 and has been remanded to judicial custody.

The breakthrough came when Sangeeta M Punjabi, a software professional living in Kumara Park and working at ITPB, lodged a complaint that her account had been hacked. Nearly Rs 31,000 had been swindled from her ICICI Bank account.

Phishing mails are known to originate in Nigeria, but this particular IP address was found to be from India and led straight to the house of Nikhil. When the BTech student had no answers to the questions posed by the cyber crime deputy superintendent of police Renuka K Sukumar, he was arrested.

Police said Nikhil started his `phishing career' early this year after meeting some persons in an online chat room. They forwarded a phishing mail and asked him to work for a commission. After successfully hacking Sangeeta's account, Nikhil sent a similar mail to Ganesh Sharabi of Tavarekere. Soon after Ganesh responded, Nikhil compromised the account and transferred Rs 1 lakh from it.

Enthused by this success, Nikhil sent another mail to Prakash Devulapalli of Sarjapur Road. This time, he went for a bigger amount of Rs 4 lakh. By this time, the police were trailing Nikhil, who was unaware of the developments.

In all the three transactions, Nikhil got a part of the money transferred as commission. He decided to try the fraud on his own and started sending mails to other ICICI Bank account holders. However, almost all the efforts failed. By that time, the police had arrived at his doorstep.

Nikhil's father is a businessman. While the family was conservative, Nikhil was outgoing. After joining BTech, the relationship with his father deteriorated, police added.

Once he got into phishing, Nikhil decided to live life on his own terms. As a first step, he financed his tuition fee for this year and stopped taking pocket money from the family.

CoD DIG Malini Krishnamoorthy said there are a few more aspects to the case which are being investigated.

Source: TOI


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