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BJP manages to evade ‘coal scam’

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa had the last laugh on the last day of the six-day session. ‘Coal scam’ – an allegation made by the JD(S) floor leader H D Revanna inside the House, and his brother and former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy outside the House, had never come up for discussion.

Yeddyurappa had cleverly made use of the situation to his advantage and turned the table on Revanna.

Yeddyurappa, like an extremely diplomatic politician, used every opportunity to his advantage. His moves were so quick and clever that at one stage, it appeared to be completely stage managed to preempt Revanna from taking up the coal purchase issue for discussion.

Yeddyurappa was successful in sending a message to the public that the JD(S), as a political party, was not interested in discussing natural calamities and interested only in raising closed issues. On September 11, the third day of the session, Revanna submitted a letter to the Speaker preferring to bring a call attention motion on recent coal purchases made by the state government.

He suspected that the purchases were not straight and credible. Basis for his allegation was a judgement by the Karnataka High Court. But his ultimate aim was to finger at the CM as responsible for the purchases. This issue should have come on the agenda on September 15.

On September 14, while replying to the debate on agriculture and rural development, Yeddyurappa, suo moto ordered an inquiry by a retired High Court judge into coal purchases made by successive governments since 2002, including the purchases made by his predecessors S M Krishna, Dharam Singh and Kumaraswamy.

Irritated by this suo moto announcement, Revanna’s younger brother Kumaraswamy, at a press conference on September 15, stooping to a level undeserving of a former chief minister, made unparliamentary remarks against the Chief Minister, which he withdrew later claming that it was an emotional outburst.

Meanwhile, Revanna tried to move the call attention motion in the Assembly on September 15. The Speaker, while Revanna was halfway through the preliminary submission, ruled that since the issue raised by the member was important, he would place it for a detailed discussion in the post-lunch session. The excuse to take it up in the post-lunch session was that the Chief Minister, who was in Mysore, wanted to be present during the debate on the issue. Since the members were completely engrossed in a debate on natural calamities, the coal purchase issue did not come up on September 15.

On September 16, the Speaker placed the discussion on coal purchase on top of the agenda. The CM said he was ready for a debate on coal purchase.

While the BJP members supported the CM, the Congress members demanded to continue with the ongoing discussion on natural calamities, since it was more important.

They even protested in the well of the House. This put Revanna in a tight spot. He was unable to support either of the parties. Finally, the debate on natural calamities continued and the CM gave a reply also.

Immediately after the reply, the BJP members demanded that the privilege motion should be moved against Kumaraswamy for his unparliamentary comment against the CM. In an unprecedented development, these ruling party members had even staged protest in the well of the house. Amidst the din in the House, the Speaker adjourned the House indefinitely.

Revanna was successfully prevented from raising the issue in the House.

Source: Express Buzz


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