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Illegal wealth ’ puts Karnataka CJ in the dock

The promotion of Karnataka Chief Justice Dinakaran to the Supreme Court looked uncertain on Wednesday amid protests by the legal fraternity, citing allegations that he had illegally amassed wealth.

Acting on a note from legal luminaries Shanti Bhushan, Fali Nariman, Anil Divan and Ram Jethmalani, Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan summoned Justice Dinakaran to Delhi on September 11. Justice Dinakaran is stated to have denied each of the allegations.

The note had included charges made by members of the Bar of the Madras High Court under the auspices of Forum for Judicial Accountability. It said Justice Dinakaran owned over 400 acres of land in a Tamil Nadu village.

On Wednesday, the chorus against him grew.

President of the SC Bar Association M N Krishnamani and the Delhi HC Bar Association K C Mittal issued a joint statement calling for more transparency in the system through which judges are promoted — and criticising, indirectly, Justice Dinakaran’s proposed elevation.

Shanti Bhushan, Nariman, Prashant Bhushan and Kamini Jaiswal in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister said, “We got very disturbing reports about the integrity of Justice Dinakaran from very reliable sources. We would therefore like you to inquire into it and get it investigated before his appointment is notified.

The Madras HC Bar association members, who made the charges include R Vaigai, Sriram Panchu, K R Tamizhmani, Anna Mathew, S S Vasudevan, Geetha Ramaseshan, Sudha Ramalingam, N L Rajah, D Nagasaila, S Devikarani and T Mohan.

“We are greatly perturbed by the news of his possible elevation to the apex court in view of disturbing reports that are strong pointers to abuse of office and lack of probity by Justice Dinakaran.

Source: Express Buzz


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